How Would You Use Up to $30K? | 5 Reasons to Get a U Choose Personal Loan

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Maybe you’ve landed a new gig but need to relocate to take it. Maybe your car broke down, and you thought it’d be an easy fix, but the mechanic handed you a bill for $552 and some-odd cents.

Or, perhaps you’ve finally found The One and want to go all out on the ring and proposal.

If you’ve found yourself in these situations (or others that require a big chunk of change), our U Choose loan just might be your solution.

We’ll tell you why and how to get started!

But First, What is a U Choose Loan?

A U Choose loan is Unison Credit Union’s personal loan. You can borrow up to $30,000* to do with as you choose at a low rate and with fixed monthly payments. The loan is unsecured, which means it isn’t tied to collateral (such as a car or house).

So, why take one out?

1. A Personal Loan Will Help You in a Pinch

Although emergencies happen to all of us, we don’t always have the cash to cover them. In fact, according to a survey in 2019, only 40 percent of Americans can pay an emergency bill over $1,000, and over a third of Americans would need to borrow money to do so. Medical bills, unexpected travel, or auto repairs can get pretty heavy on the wallet. And, we’re not the only ones with emergencies—if you have a pet, an emergency vet trip can cost anywhere from $250-$10,000.

No matter how financially prepared you are for surprise expenses, it’s good to have an alternative to forking over so much cash. U Choose loans are an excellent option for covering unforeseen costs since you can choose the amount you need* and determine how you spend it. And, since you pay the amount back in fixed amounts, it’s more manageable than paying the amount upfront.

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2. This Loan Can Make Your Dream a Reality, Sooner

U Choose loans aren’t just helpful when you’re pressed for money in an emergency. They’ll also help you make that purchase you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you want to put in a home gym, get away for a week (or two), or finally get your hands on a Gibson, a U Choose loan will get you there sooner—and at an interest rate that makes it hard to pass up.

3. Got Multiple Credit Cards? U Choose Loans Help with Those, Too

Having a credit card comes with several benefits, but it’s easy to rack up debt, especially if you have more than one. In fact, as of 2018, the average American household carries about $5,700 in debt, and Wisconsin households come in at $6,484. On top of that, most Americans have at least two credit cards (find out how many credit cards Wisconsinites have).

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If you have a significant amount of credit card debt over multiple credit cards, you can make paying it back easier by consolidating your debt using a personal loan. Doing so means you can start paying back your credit card debt with one easy payment, and likely at a lower interest rate.

Find out more about how to get rid of credit card debt here.

4. And, the Loan Application Process is Easy

Because we’re all about Empowering You, we’ve made taking out a U Choose loan simple so you can get the financial services you need quickly and easily.

The terms and conditions for our personal loans are easy and straightforward—U Choose loans are unsecured, and the interest rates and payments are fixed, so you won’t have to use collateral and you’ll know what to expect for your monthly payment. And, all you have to do to get started is apply online or visit one of our six convenient locations (no appointment necessary).

Not to mention, you’ll have the guidance of our trusted Member Advisors every step of the way. Learn more about how the process works.

5. What it All Comes Down to…Financial Freedom

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The best part about personal loans? Freedom. Our U Choose loan gives you the power to use the funds however you want to (hence the name). While many loans include limits based on their purpose or collateral, Unison Credit Union gives you more breathing room.

Get Started with the Right Money Borrowing Option!

Learn more about the basics of U Choose Loans here, apply now, or visit one of our locations in Northeast Wisconsin to talk with one of our trusted Member Advisors and find the borrowing option that’s right for you.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Visit this page for current terms and conditions.