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Level Up Your Tech
Take That Vacay
Make The Move
Fix 'er Up
Tie the Knot
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U CHOOSE loans empower you to cover everything from necessary home repairs and unexpected expenses to that dream purchase you've been waiting to make.

Make It Happen

You don't have to let costs like these break the bank or keep worring about how to pay off multiple credit cards. A U CHOOSE loan gives you peace of mind with manageable rates, personalized advice from our Member Advisors, and freedom to use your loan however you choose.

Can you guess the average costs?

Car Repair =
$500 - $600
Moving =
$2k - $5k
New Roof =
Wisco Wedding =

Bonus Question

What is the average number of
credit cards a person owns?
3 credit

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Other Borrowing Options

U CHOOSE loans are unsecured, which means they're not attached to collateral—you don't pledge a car or property to ensure loan repayment. That means U CHOOSE loans work best for circumstances that aren't covered by other borrowing options such as auto loans or second mortgages. Talk to one of our Member Advisors to help figure out which borrowing option will work best for your circumstances.

What about a credit card?

Credit cards work well for covering expenses in a pinch or when you need a long-term open line of credit. To help you decide whether a U CHOOSE loan or credit card with Unison will work better for your needs, we've broken down the differences.

Here's the 411


Credit Card

Use For
Large, one-time

Use For
Small purchases

Up to $30,000**

Average limit $3,600

As low as 7.99% APR*

9.99% or 12.99% APR


Minimum montly payment +
whatever you decide


Revolving (open indefinitely)

Still not sure?

Talk to one of our trusted Member Advisors to determine what's right for you.

The Possibilities
are Endless
Check out unique ways
U CHOOSE Loans can
be used, or how they
have helped families.
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Why Unison?
Learn more
about why it's
time to break up
with your bank.

Explore All Borrowing Options

Looking for a different lending option or for help with a bigger purchase? Choose Unison for a blend of hometown service and the financial options you're looking for.

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*APR current as of 10-15-18 and subject to change. Rates, terms and conditions vary based on credit qualifications from as low as 7.99% APR to 15.99% APR. Min. offered term is 36-months and Max. is 48-months, however pre-payment penalties do not apply. Personal loan rate does not apply to open ended lines of credit or credit plans. Membership eligibility and $5 deposit required. Repayment/total cost of loan example: $10,000 loan taken at 7.99% for 36M equals a $313.32 payment per month for 3 years, $11,279.45 in total repayments or $1,279.45 in interest/cost of the loan. A $10,000 loan taken at 15.99% APR for 48M equals a $283.35 payment per month for 4 years, $13,600.92 in total repayments or $3,600.92 in interest/cost of the loan.

**Conditions vary based on your account history and credit qualifications. $30,000 = best terms available, not all who apply will qualify for the $30,000 amount. All loans subject to approval.