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The Benefits of Refinancing

October 11, 2021

Refinancing can seem like an out of reach dream, a headache or too much trouble to deal with. When the reality is that refinancing your home could help put money back into your pockets and prevent budgeting headaches. (The graphic above gives a quick rundown of how changing your APR percentage on a 30-year fixed

Feet in the Door

Home Buying – Getting Your Feet in the Door

May 18, 2020

Home ownership can be a dream come true. Crossing the threshold for the first time, and just knowing that it’s yours! Arranging and rearranging the furniture, hanging pictures (with nails!), grilling in the backyard, or whatever the comfort of home means to you. Buying a home is an exciting time filled with big decisions. You

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Top Fox Valley Towns to Live In

March 2, 2020

Image courtesy of Top Fox Valley Towns to Live In Whether you’re relocating for work or simply starting a new chapter of life, it can be challenging to match your interests with your budget when searching for a new home. If you’re considering moving to the Fox Valley, we’ve helped make that challenge easier.