Personal Investments


Planning for your financial future? Think you need a retirement account? Let’s find the right investment choices for you. From money market accounts and certificates to an IRA, Unison Credit Union has an option to match your life.

How Are We “Empowering You”? We have the opportunities you want and the security you expect.

  • Money Market Accounts
  • Term Share Certificates
  • Education Savings Accounts
  • Retirement Savings Accounts
  • Type of Investment
  • When you want ...
  • Type of Investment
    Money Market Account

    Access your funds at all times (similar to a savings account); minimums vary depending on your needs.

  • When you want ...
    ... the opportunity to earn higher dividend rates.
    • Make deposits and withdrawals at any time
    • Various investment levels: $2,500, $15,000, $75,000, and $250,000
  • Type of Investment
    Term Share Certificates

    A great option for long-term savings, college savings, or emergency funds.

  • When you want ...
    … to earn a guaranteed rate on your investment.
    • Earn dividends
    • Low risk
  • Type of Investment
    Roth IRA

    Your contributions are taxed at the time of deposit, rather than when you withdraw them later.

  • When you want ...
    … a retirement account with tax-free distributions (see a tax professional for details).
  • Type of Investment
    Traditional IRA

    Your contributions are tax-free at the time of deposit. Future withdrawals are taxed at ordinary income tax rates.

  • When you want ...
    …a retirement account with tax-free contributions (see a tax professional for details).
  • Type of Investment
    IRA Certificates

    Earn a higher, fixed dividend rate for a specific period of time on funds in your retirement savings.

  • When you want ...
    … a way to earn a higher dividend rate on your retirement savings.
    • Available in terms from 90 days to 5 years
    • $500 minimum balance to open
  • Type of Investment
    Self-Employed Pension Plan (SEP)

    Allows a self-employed person to make contributions to his/her own IRA account, or a small business to make contributions to the IRA accounts of eligible employees.

  • When you want ...
    … to make IRA contributions to your employees.
    • Functions the same as a Traditional IRA account
    • Convenient for small businesses with few employees
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  • Type of Investment
    Education Savings Account (ESA)

    Put money away to help with your child’s future education expenses.

  • When you want ...
    … an account to save for your child’s education.
    • $2000 maximum deposit per child per year
    • Deposits can be made until the beneficiary is age 18
    • Funds can be withdrawn for qualified education expenses until the beneficiary is age 30
    • Applies to most elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions
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Not all investment opportunities are created equal. Unison Credit Union has Money Market Accounts, Term Share Certificates, Education Savings Accounts, and Retirement Savings Accounts. Stop into any Unison Credit Union branch to invest today and let us show you the Unison difference.