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You’re busy. And, you’re likely on the move more often than you’re relaxing. Unison Credit Union’s mobile banking capabilities help our members manage money while out and about. For instance, a text notifies you that an account is low, so you simply transfer money from another by logging into your Unison mobile app.

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We want you to have more time in the day to do what matters most. So, we take pride in offering EIGHT mobile account management services, not just one or two. Few local financial institutions, if any, embrace advanced technology and safety as much as Unison. If you have any questions, contact us for help: 920-766-6000.

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Mobile Check Deposit

Get money into your account sooner and save a trip to the credit union. With mobile check deposit, simply take a picture of the check with your phone, and the amount is deposited into an account of your choice.

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Pay Anyone

We’ve all been there. You get back from a fun-filled event and realize you forgot to get cash for the babysitter. With Unison’s pay anyone feature, safely send and receive money with anyone, similar to Venmo, without the hassle of paying by cash or check.

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Notifications By Text

To keep from overdrafting, receive notifications by text for low balances, large transactions, and more at the most convenient times. Instead of logging into your mobile app, use Unison’s text banking feature to quickly receive account updates.

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Virtual Wallet

Keep all your money, literally, in one place with Unison’s virtual wallet feature. Easily add your card information to the digital wallet to securely pay for items by scanning your phone at the checkout. This feature is perfect for times you accidentally forget your wallet while running errands. To pay, scan your phone during checkout at stores like Kwik Trip, Festival Foods, Costco, and Starbucks.

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It’s always important to keep an eye on your accounts. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of distracted shoppers and find ways get ahold of your money and personal information. Check your e-statements wherever you are and view your activity via your phone.

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Online Loan Application

Apply for a loan from wherever is convenient for you! Our Online Loan Application process removes the need to schedule time for when you want to apply. Visit our website and click on the Apply for a Loan button in the top navigation. Our It’s Me 247 walks you through the steps. It’s that easy!

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E-Sign Document Signing

Signing documents can be cumbersome, especially when your calendar is jam-packed. Save a trip to the credit union with Unison’s E-Sign document signing feature. Take the time to review and sign the documents when YOU have the time!

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Text Banking

With Text Banking, you can text a command and receive a text reply with your account balance. In addition, you can arrange to receive text alerts when a deposit or withdrawal is made to your account or a payment is due. Enroll in Text Banking using It’s Me 247 Online Banking. Once enrolled, you can send text commands to: IM247 or 46247

  • BAL: Balance for all eligible accounts
  • BAL + Nickname: Balance for a specific membership for up to three savings or checking accounts (needs space between BAL and Nickname)
  • BAL + Suffix: Balance for specific account (needs space between BAL and Suffix)
  • BAL + Nickname + Suffix: Balance for a specific membership and account combination (needs space between BAL and Nickname and Suffix)
  • STOP: Turns off all text banking
  • STOP + Nickname: Turns off text banking for a specific membership (needs space between STOP and Nickname)
  • HELP: Provides you with help for un-enrollment
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Debit/Credit Card Alerts

Help keep your account secure by signing up for alerts. Receive a mobile notification from the Unison app whenever your debit/credit card is used. You can customize alerts for your preferred transaction types and dollar amounts. 

  • Purchases over a selected amount
  • International purchases
  • Online purchases
  • Authorized purchases

You may setup your alert preferences or make changes to existing preferences at any time through our mobile app. Click here for some step by step instructions!

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