Time to leave your big bank? Don’t ignore the signs.


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We asked our current members why they chose us, and the results are in.

  • Super Convenient
    Our locations are close to where our members live and work.
  • Once a Member, Always a Member
    Many of our members have been happy with our rates and products long-term.
  • Great Rates
    Our rates blow the competition out of the Fox River.
  • Referred from Friends & Family
    We trust those we know and love, right? (Thanks, Mom!)
  • Stellar Member Service
    Many members are on a first-name basis with their Unison Member Advisors.
  • The Right Financial Solutions
    Our members have access to the products they need—at every stage of life.

Once you go CU,
you never go "bank."



Typically local and run by local member-owners, not stock holders

Usually large, national, and led by paid board members

Fewer fees
Fees are either non-existent or lesser at credit unions due to their nonprofit status (no state or federal income taxes)

More fees
Due to big operational costs, banks will often charge more—and more expensive—fees overall compared to credit unions

Better rates
Thanks to their cooperative nature, credit unions can reward members with favorable interest rates

Worse rates
Big bank expenses and taxes mean lesser-quality rates for bank members

Emphasis on customer service
Emphasis on member care

Emphasis on efficiency
Banks aim for profits, which means they focus on getting you in and out quickly to save time

Insured by NCUA
Your money is insured up to $250K

Insured by FDIC
Your money is insured up to $250K

We’re right around the corner.

We live and work in Northeast Wisconsin, and we wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home. That’s why we support local causes and charities and can often be spotted in Northeast Wisconsin neighborhoods buying books for local libraries, handing out ice cream, or sponsoring big splashes.

WE help real Wisconsinites just like you.

Ever felt like your big bank isn’t listening to your needs? We take pride in offering fast and actionable solutions when our members need us, whether it’s helping members get the funds to fix a leaky roof, refinancing so a dad could get more family time, or helping parents pay for their children’s college tuition.

Still not convinced that CUs are awesome? Check out these consumer satisfaction stats!

Ready to become a member?

Stop by and see us in person in Kaukauna (North and South), Little Chute, Grand Chute, Wrightstown, and De Pere. See U soon!”

Grand Chute Office

ATM at this Location

750 W Evergreen Drive
Grand Chute WI 54913

Phone: 920-380-6000
Fax: 920-380-6004

Little Chute Office

ATM at this Location

2001 Freedom Road
Little Chute, WI 54140

Phone: 920-687-6000
Fax: 920-687-6004

Kaukauna North Office

ATM at this Location

000 Hyland Avenue
Kaukauna, WI 54130

Phone: 920-766-6010
Fax: 920-766-6014

Kaukauna South Office

ATM at this Location

1616 Crooks Avenue
Kaukauna, WI 54130

Phone: 920-766-6000
Fax: 920-766-6004

De Pere Office

ATM at this Location

900 Main Avenue
De Pere, WI 54115

Phone: 920-983-6003
Fax: 920-983-6004

Wrightstown Office

ATM at this Location

465 School Street
Wrightstown, WI 54180

Phone: 920-532-6000
Fax: 920-532-6004