Meet our 12 Gifts of Unison Recipients for 2021

unison 12 gifts of donations 2019

unison 12 gifts of donations 2019

We’re excited to announce our 12 Gifts of Unison, 2021 winners! This program was created in order to give back to area non-profits and thank them for all they do for our communities. Each winning non-profit has positively impacted our staff and members in one way or another. This program is one-way Unison mirrors our philosophy of “people helping people”, by delivering a special monetary donation for whatever the non-profit deems most helpful to them.

The 12 Gifts of Unison program runs the month of November, where the community votes on which non-profit they see as most deserving. The top 12 non-profits with the most votes are then given a monetary donation in the month of December, where Unison staff visit their location.

With another year of hardships, struggles, and uncertainty, we were so fortunate to participate in our 12 Gifts campaign for the fourth year in a row!

Here is our list of the top 12 non-profits:

1. Peaceful Purpose, Inc.

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 1

Peaceful Purpose, Inc. provides no charge/low-cost wigs, hats, head shavings, etc. to anyone who may need help with medical hair loss.

2. Hear in the Fox Cities

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 2

Hear In The Fox Cities provides the Gift of Hearing to children in our community in need of hearing aids

3. Soar in the Fox Cities

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 3

SOAR Fox Cities Inc. empowers people with differing abilities.

4. NextGen ALS

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 4

NextGen ALS raises funds for targeted research toward developing treatments and cures for genetic forms of ALS

5. Gray Muzzle Organization of NE Wisconsin

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 5

The Gray Muzzle Organization of NE Wisconsin improves the lives of at risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to nonprofit groups nationwide.

6. Paul’s Pantry

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 6

Paul’s Pantry provides food to families so they may use their food dollars for shelter, utilities and other necessities to avoid homelessness.

7. Freedom House – Green Bay

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 7

Freedom House Green Bay provides shelter, meals, basic necessities and case management support to families struggling with homelessness

8. CP – Innovation Compassion Purpose

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 8

CP provides therapy and life skills services for people with disabilities throughout Northeast Wisconsin

9. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 - 9

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary is a cage-free cat sanctuary and rehabilitation center that rescues kitties with special needs.

10. Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy, Inc.

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 -10

Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy Inc raises awareness for the Missing by bringing them a voice and supporting the families.

11. B.A.B.E.S Child Abuse Prevention Program

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 -11

B.A.B.E.S, Inc supports young parents to alleviate their stress in times of crisis to sustain mental wellness.

12. The Children’s Cancer Family Foundation

12 Gifts of Unison 2021 -12

Children’s Cancer Family Foundation supports families battling pediatric cancer.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make this year extra special with a record number of votes!