Credit Card Promotion

Young lady with hands on her face, overwhelmed with credit card bills on table in front of her.

Overwhelmed with credit card debt?

Dealing with high-interest credit card balances can be stressful, which is why Unison Credit Union wants to step in to alleviate your overwhelming stack of credit card bills. 

Save money by transferring your card balances and receive a 5.99% Promotional APR* for 18 months on balance transfers and purchases through December 31st.

There is no fee to transfer balances and after the promotional period, your rate reverts back to the everyday rate of 9.99% APR* for VISA® Platinum and 12.99% APR* for VISA® Platinum with Rewards.

Unison Credit Union's VISA Platinum and VISA Platinum with Rewards credit cards.

How to start the process...


Option 1. Apply Online

  • Learn about our Credit Card Options
  • Select a type of card and click “Apply Now
  • A Member Advisor will review your application and get in contact with you
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Option 2. Give Us a Call

  • Dial 920.766.6000 to start the process over the phone with a Member Advisor
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Option 3. Visit Us

  • Stop into one of our locations and ask to speak to a Member Advisor about opening a Credit Card

Helping you save money on your high-interest cards is just another way we empower our member’s financial wellness! 

*Promotional rate of 5.99% APR on balance transfers and new purchases made from 11/14/2022 to 12/31/2022 only will remain at 5.99% APR until 06/30/2024. New purchases and new balance transfers made after 12/31/2022 will have an APR of 9.99% (Visa Platinum) or 12.99% (Visa Platinum with Rewards) as disclosed at account opening. After 06/30/2024, any balance remaining from the 5.99% promotional period will also have an APR of 9.99% or 12.99% applied, as disclosed at account opening. Interest begins accruing as of the balance transfer date and is calculated using the average daily balance. No balance transfer fee. Rewards program does not apply to balance transfers, call 1-888-878-8806 for more information. Cash advance fee 3%. Foreign transaction fee is 1%, in US dollars, of transactions made over the internet with a foreign merchant, made in foreign currencies, or in foreign countries. Offer subject to change without notice and is subject to credit approval. Membership eligibility required, $5 account deposit required if not a credit union member.