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Learn the value of saving at an early age. Kids ages 10 and under are invited to join our Moola Moola Kids’ Savings Club! Open an account with a minimum deposit of $5.00. Each club member will receive a Moola Moola punch card to earn one punch for each deposit over $5.00. When the punch card is full after five deposits, members can exchange their punch card for a prize and a chance to win a $25 deposit to their Moola Moola account. New members and members celebrating birthdays will also receive special Moola gifts. Members ages 5-10 will also receive a newsletter twice a year with age-appropriate tips and activities to help educate them about finances and to encourage conversations at home.

Moola Moola Kids' Club Newsletter
Summer 2015
Winter 2014

Coloring Pages
Stack of Bills
Money Bags
Moola Moola
Piggy Bank
Pot of Gold