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Online Banking Safety Regulations
It's Me 247 is an online banking product that has been designed to safeguard Unison members' money and privacy by using the latest Internet security technologies. To further ensure security, these protective technologies have been applied in layers to address each phase of the online transaction.

Transmission security ensures that only our member and the It's Me 247 systems are able to read the transaction information as it flows across the Internet. Through Unison's use of VeriSign digital certification (, our members also can be assured that they are communicating with the legitimate It's Me 247 server, and not an imposter.

User account security is furnished through the use of a unique Member Account Number and password combination known only to the member. Members can select to create a username to be used in place of their account number. Without this information, accessing account data and initiating transactions online is impossible. Password retries are limited to 3, at which time the password is deactivated and the member must contact Unison Credit Union for reactivation. Unison has our members follow complex password rules (requires three of the four following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and special character).

To further ensure that It's Me 247 security measures continue to meet the ever-changing threats of the Internet, it is reviewed on an ongoing basis by regulators and expert security consultants.

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