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eStatements, eAlerts and eNotices
You'll love the convenience of online eStatements so much, your mailbox will be jealous! Instead of getting a paper copy of your statement in the mail each month, you will be able to view your statement online through It’s Me 247 Online Banking. You can access current and past statements and save yourself the hassle of keeping your paper statements on file. eStatements are also more secure and confidential than paper statements because paper statements can be stolen from your mailbox or get lost in the mail. Plus, by signing up for eStatements, you’ll also be helping the environment.


Q. How do I get eStatements, eAlerts and eNotices?
If you’re already signed up for It’s Me 247 Online Banking, go to the main screen and select "Info Center/My Preferences" on the top of the page. Once on the Info Center page, select "eStatement Options" on the right side. Choose an option, enter a valid email address and hit "Accept." Once you have this completed you can sign up for eAlerts! Sign up under the "Info Center/eAlert Subscriptions". You will then receive eNotices on updates to your account and Unison will contact you electronically instead of through the mail.

If you’re not already enrolled in It’s Me 247 Online Banking, stop in at any of our four locations or call us at 920-766-6000. A Financial Services Representative will assign you a temporary password to log in. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in. Then follow the steps above to sign up for eStatements.

Once you’re signed up to receive eStatements, you will get an email notification each month letting you know when it is ready for viewing.

Q. How far back can I access my eStatements?
You can access the current month’s statement plus the statements from the previous 12 months.

Q. Do I need special software to view my eStatements?
eStatements are available in three formats: PDF, HTML and XML. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free at

Q. Why are they more secure than paper statements?
Paper statements may be lost or stolen, which may lead to identity theft. Our secure website protects and encrypts your statement to prevent it from being compromised.

Q. Do eStatements cost anything?
eStatements are available FREE for all Unison Credit Union members.

Q. How do eStatements help the environment?
By choosing eStatements, you are saving trees that would have been cut down to make paper, conserving the energy it takes to produce and print the paper, and reducing the carbon emissions used to ship the paper and deliver the statements.

  • Online access to your account statements and notices.
  • No paper copies to file or store.
  • You are helping the environment.